CCE Sample Papers

The objective of the system is to enhance the value of education on daily basis, rather than making it as a single time event. Since, it is an alternative to the 10th standard board exam, it doesn’t mean that it pays less emphasis on the academic standards; it’s been amended in order to emphasize the similar kind of 11th academic standards, thereby easing the process of choosing the options based on aptitude, academic performance, personal liking, etc. for the students in their 11th and 12th standards.

The CCE system consists of two terms of academics, namely, Term-I constituting 40% weightage and Term-II constituting 60% weightage. Each term comprises of two forms of assessments namely, formative and summative assessments. The academics is majorly divided into scholastic and co-scholastic activities; the scholastic activities involve debates, discussions, projects, team work… and the co-scholastic activities involve life skills, physical education, extra-curricular activities like sports, etc.; thus giving importance to both academics and co-curricular activities.

Class 10

The Term-I summative assessment sample question papers of some of the subjects of the 10th standard academics are listed, as below:


  • The question paper comprises of topics like, Algebra; Trigonometry; Geometry; Number System and Statistics.
  • The question paper consists of multiple choice questions; two types of short answers; long answers.
  • The question paper consists of questions, constituting to a total of 80 marks with a time limit of 3 to 31/2 hours.
  • It consists of 34 questions categorized under different sections like, A, B, C and D. The section A comprises of 10 questions of 1 mark each; section B comprises of 8 questions of 2 marks each; section C comprises of 10 questions of 3 marks each; and section D comprises of 6 questions of 4 marks each.

Class 9

Social Science

  • The question paper consists of 36 questions; all the questions are compulsory.
  • It consists of two parts, namely, Part I and Part II. The Part I comprises of 16 multiple choice questions of 1 mark each. But, there is a time constraint in attending the Part I questions; it has to be completed within the first 30 minutes in order to get the Part II questions. The Part I questions have to be attended on a separate paper and Part II in another separate paper.
  • There are questions involving short answers, each with a value of 3 marks; long answers, each with a value of 4 marks; and finally it has map questions at 3 marks each.
  • The Social Science subject comprises of 4 units, namely, India and contemporary world II (History); Contemporary India II (Geography); Democratic Politics II (Geography); and Understanding Economic Development (Economics). Each unit constitutes to 20 marks, thereby leading to a total of 80 marks.


  • The question paper consists of internal choices in the 5 marks question category.
  • It comprises of very small answers of 1 mark each; 2 marks, small answers (each); 3 marks, small answers (each); each long answers constituting to 5 marks, thereby leading to a total of 80 marks.
  • The question paper comprises of activity based questions; open ended questions; illustration based questions; questions testing communication capabilities; activity based questions, etc.

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